Friday, January 25, 2013

The Gypsy King : a YA Historical Novel

Summary: A runaway slave with a shadowy past, sixteen-year-old Persephone has spent four long years toiling beneath the leering gaze of her despised owner and dreaming of a life where she is free to shape her own destiny. Then, one night, a chance encounter with a handsome chicken thief named Azriel changes her life forever.

Sold to him for a small bag of gold coins, Persephone soon discovers what she already suspected: namely, that Azriel is not what he seems. And when she realizes that he believes Persephone has a special destiny—she is determined to escape him and his impossibly broad shoulders.

But things are no longer as simple as they once were. Torn between her longing for freedom and her undeniable feelings for the handsome thief with the fast hands and the slow smile, Persephone faces the hardest choice she will ever have to make. And no one least of all her—could have imagined the shocking truth her decision will reveal.
Review: To be honest it took me quite some time to get into the book and it was very hard for me to feel any kinship with the characters but I’m glad I stuck to it because the storyline was interesting and there was some things that I actually didn’t expect and I always have to give kudos to plot twists.
Anyways, I think (the author) did a great job creating the back story behind this book and it is entertaining.  The story flows nicely and is well written but I couldn’t help but find the characters a little bit flat and it was harder than I thought to stick to the story.
Persephone is an interesting character even if she is getting on my nerves for the main part of the book and I was so glad Maureen created Azriel even if I didn’t feel kinship to him mist of the time he was the character I liked a lot. Him and Persephone really grown in this novel and I can’t help but wonder how they will evolve in book 2.
I would say the story picks up about ¼ in the book and the ending really took me by surprise which let me think I will check book 2 for sure because I’m intrigued on how it is going to go.
I’m very picky on my historical novels but I think this book will be appealing to the diehard fans and I feel bad that I didn’t enjoy this book more than I did because the plot and storyline was so original and interesting.
In Conclusion:  I think this book will be enjoyable for the fans of Historical novels.  The only thing that is really missing in this book is maybe a better way to convey feelings and give dimension to the characters it would have been close to perfect.
Stars 3/5

Friday, January 11, 2013

Making His Mark by Jennah Scott (giveaway)

For all of you that are on our Facebook page know we had a reviewer by the name of Jen. She recently had to leave her reviewer seat because she was becoming a first time published author. I am very pleased to say that her first book has been released in ebook format!

First here is a little bit about Jen:

Jennah Scott resides Kansas City, Missouri. Until she started writing she didn't know what she wanted to be. Which is why she has degrees in education, business, and medical assisting. All that uncertainty has provided her with plenty of ideas for new books. When she isn't writing she's causing trouble on Twitter, hanging out with family, or she's lost in a book. There's one thing about Jennah, there will never be a dull moment when she's around.

Now her newly released book:

 One kiss is all it took for Alexis Catori’s world to turn upside down. One kiss with a man she thinks can help her move beyond her past.

Bo Nantan has one rule when it comes to tattooing: he refuses to ink his friends. Until Alexis asks him to do her work.

Bo tries to refuse, but decides maybe there is a compromise that will work. Together they discover their compromise is about more than just art, it’s facing the past so they can move on with the future.

Here is where you can purchase it:

Jen we are so proud and excited for you! If you ever need anything don't hesitate to let us know. You will always be part of the Book Reader Addicts family. 

To celebrate the release of Making His Mark I am giving away an ebook copy to one person. I will add a second winner if we can get 100 likes on her author page and/or 75 likes on Amazon.Just fill out the Rafflecopter below.

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