Wednesday, September 12, 2012

2nd Anniversary Celebration Featuring: Jamie Rush (giveaway)

Our next author also had a release yesterday! Jamie Rush released Turn to Darkness! A BIG congrats hun I wish you much success!!

So you want to know a little more about me? I am the daughter of an exiled king, living a life of both luxury and danger. While ensconced in our palace in our adopted land of Romania, we must be ever-vigilant of the dark forces that expunged us from the beautiful and sacred land that was once called Eden.
You can tell I write fiction, right? I wish I could say that I was an airline pilot or a former spy or something exciting, but my life has been pretty ordinary. My mom likes to assure people that I had a nice, happy, stable childhood in her defense of the fact that I kill people for a living. On paper, of course. I was always drawn to the strange and unexplained, and to the dark side of human nature. I devoured Alfred Hitchcock anthologies, as well as the movies. Loved watching Unsolved Mysteries and true crime television. My sometimes warped sense of humor probably came from all those MAD magazines that were always around the house. Don't even get me started on my Alfred E. Neuman nightmares.
So, yes, I am fascinated by what makes people do evil things, but mostly what I love about what I write is that good triumphs in the end. The bad guy gets his just punishment. We don't always get that in real life. But I believe in the strength and beauty of our souls and that we can at least triumph over our own demons--our pasts, our nemesises, the hurts we've sustained along the way. The people in my books have the baggage and hurts and insecurities we all do. Then I throw them into a really bad situation, test their hearts and souls, and in the end, they find not only love for someone else, but for themselves, too. If they can do it, so can you, and you don't even need to have people trying to kill you to achieve it.
I've lived in southwest Florida my whole life. I have a wonderful family, fabulous friends, and consider myself blessed beyond reason. I swim, work out, meditate, read, and spend time with the aforementioned friends and family. I try to find joy in the little things in life and to find the lessons in the hard times. Life is truly what we make it, and I choose to make mine fantastic.
I actually do have another identity. I have written eighteen books, mostly paranormal romantic suspense, under the name Tina Wainscott. Check out my website at Unfortunately those books are out of print right now, but some of them are available new and even signed. If you're interested, use the contact form. I'm working on getting them into e-book format. If you like the Jaime books, I think you'll like most of my earlier books, too.
What inspired me to write the Offspring series? I love television shows like The X-Files, Lost, Highlander, and Roswell. Ah, the romance, the action, the group dynamics, and those delicious paranormal elements! So I created a series that rolls all of what I miss into one package.
I became fascinated when I read about the classified experiments the government undertook that explored using psychic abilities. Even though it's been declassified, much of what the various agencies did has been kept secret. I thought, "Wow, this stuff is real!" (See links below for more). Then, of course, my devious literary mind started spinning. What if the subjects of those programs were given something that altered their DNA and enhanced their abilities? What if their offspring inherited it? And what if…? Well, you get the idea.
I came up with a group of people who must come together out of necessity, who bond, grow, encounter terrifying danger, and fall in love. Each book features a different couple, but we get to see all of the Offspring, because they're working with (and sometimes against) each other.
For photos, and interaction, check out my Facebook page. To see what books I like to read, check out my GoodReads page.

New dangers expose the ugly past Shea has worked so hard to bury. For a woman who feels she doesn’t deserve love, she suddenly has three men who want her: one wants to possess her; one wants to love her; and one wants to kill her. Greer, who pledges his life to protect hers, has a dangerous secret of his own—the Darkness that turns him into a territorial panther. 

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Jamie would like to offer 1 person an ebook of Turn to Darkness!
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