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EMBRACE - Book Tour! Read an interview of the author and win a copy!

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Here is your chance to win a copy of EMBRACE by Jessica Shirvington! This book was fantastic and I'm so happy to be able to share it with you.

Review:  Wow I don’t even know what to say I absolutely adored EMBRACE. It is one of the best paranormal YA I read in a long time and I have to admit that this book made me reconsider my standards for first book in a series because I think I was just being too ‘nice’. Embrace takes it to a whole new level!
There is nothing I didn’t like in EMBRACE. The turmoil of feelings were there, the actions, the back stories, the great character, the thick plot, the awesome writing style….everything.
I enjoy the characters too, they are not all ‘black and white’, they have dimension…they have flaws which makes them much more real, which help you identify with them.
I know what you think it’s an Angel  book again well yes in a way and yet this book is VERY different of the other Angels book out there. Believe me you skeptics…..give it a try.
I really love Violet the main character, she is strong loving, brave and selfless but yet she makes mistakes. Jessica really write emotions perfectly, I really felt along with Violet and I cannot wait to continue her adventures.
As for Lincoln….(dreamy sigh) Lincoln is to Grigori what Dimitri Belikov is to Dhampir. That guy is hotness incarnated like seriously. He is completely crush worthy so beware…Character addictions is completely possible.
Phoenix is complex, I might go further than what is said in book 1 but I’m pretty sure there is a lot to him, many MANY layers and I have to admit I always had a soft spot for the tortured characters….Yes I have to admit that love triangle with be so hard on me.
I really like all the characters, Jessica really show  different sides making even the more secondary characters very interesting.
This book answers all the main question you are asking and yet it set a very secure ground for the rest of the series. I’m pretty confident that Jessica Shirvington is setting the ground for an EPIC series with Embrace.
In conclusion if you enjoy Paranormal books with romance this one is for you! It has it all! Action. Love, steamy kissed, angst, pain…you will feel everything! A MUST READ!

Interview of the fantastic Jessica:

Hi Jessica, first let me tell you I absolutely loved Embrace, it was full of emotions and I really can’t wait to read the rest of the series. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.
Thank you so much, Stephanie! It is so great to hear from people who connect with the characters and the emotion in the story. And thanks for inviting me as a guest.

There are a lot of books about angels in the Young Adult category, however yours is very different as to the creation of Grigori, and the myth behind the angel hierarchy, the role of Lilith etc…It was very refreshing. Where did you get the inspiration from?
The stories of the Grigori and Lilith all come from different versions of religious tales and ancient folklore – I just twisted them a little. It is one of the elements of writing that I enjoy the most – researching old tales and looking for ways that they could be interpreted from a slightly different point of view – or that leave things open in a way that makes it interesting to ask – what would have happened next? It leads to great story ideas and this is what happened for me with Embrace.
The story of the Grigori is of a rank of angels that were once on earth as protectors against dangers and fallen angels – they were left here so long that they started to indulge in human behavior, taking husbands and wives and having children of their own. This was a definite no no, so the stories tell that a legion of vengeful angels descended upon earth to kill off all the Grigori angels and their children, sending them to hell. Some stories believe that this was what caused the great flood.
When I read this story – it lead to the questions: If angels could not be trusted to be on earth, who would be left protect us? Surely, they wouldn’t want to make the same mistake and just send more. So I built a story around the concept that angels were forbidden from earth and instead, they bestowed their power to select humans who would then become warriors, fighting to protect humanity against exiled (fallen) angels on earth.

I really loved Lincoln and Phoenix? How do you picture them in your mind? Is there any actors you could see to portrait them? (Personally I see Taylor Kitsch as Lincoln and Robbie Amell as Phoenix.)
I picture Lincoln as well built, guy next door with light brown hair that is more often than not, a bit of a mess, and a deep golden tan. His eyes always jump out to Violet. As an artist, this is a total focus for her, and I imagine the green as quite a piercing grass green color.
Phoenix is a little more angular and slim in my mind than Lincoln – though not to the point that he looks severe. His hair is obviously a focal point for Violet – resembling the colors of a dark opal. And his chocolate brown eyes are eyes that I think just about anyone could lose herself in.
As for actors – I have such particular images of them in my head that it is hard to suggest actors that look the part – but I like your suggestions and I’m not opposed to likening Lincoln to Jensen Ackles from Supernatural!

Your love triangle is very well done.…kudos for that. I’m Team Lincoln for now but….will this triangle be present in the other books and Do you already know who Violet will end up with?
The tension between the three main characters definitely continues but the dynamics of the relationship evolve. Violet is not the type of person to hover between two guys, but at the same time, there are things going on that force her hand at times and leave her utterly confused.
As for who she ends up with … It’s a time will tell issue. ;-)

I absolutely loved Lincoln and Violet together, they are making my chest ache. It is so beautifully bittersweet. Is there a song that, for you, represent their relationship?
I listened to a lot of Florence and the Machine when writing Embrace.
Check out:

Phoenix is, in my opinion, a very complex character. You get a glimpse of him and I like to think he had a few redeeming qualities…(what can I say I have a soft spot for the guy.)  Will we get to ‘know’ him better as the series progresses? Will Violet realize what he really feels for her? Will she possibly reconsider the decisions she is making toward the end of Embrace?
Violet has a lot to consider as the series goes on. And she is not the only one. Often things are not what they seem, and you are right, Phoenix is definitely complex. He will be back in Entice, but everything that happened in Embrace has left a mark on him and he’s changed.

Do you think you would have made the same choices than Violet made?
At her age, in her circumstance – I have no idea. I don’t agree with some of her choices, but I understand as well. Sometimes I would get so cross with her but I always forgive her. Violet is complex herself. She has had a hard past that, although she does her best to ignore it, has affected her at her base level. She struggles to stay in control of a world that has pretty much turned upside down on her. Mistakes are inevitable.

Which of your characters is your favorite? Why?
Violet. Because she isn’t perfect, but she knows it. She admits her mistakes and tries to be better because of them. She cares wholeheartedly for the people in her life, and whilst that means her world falls apart when one of them betrays her, it also means she would go to the ends of the earth for any one of them. She is finding her feet in this new world, but she is stronger than she realizes. And I love writing from her point of view, getting inside her head.

How many books will the series count in total?

I won’t know until I write the last word of the story. I am trying to remain completely honest with myself and the characters as I go. I have generally mapped out what I think will happen but as I write I like to be open to things changing. It is a fine line – playing the story out to the right end rather than a convenient ending, and not going back over ground that has already been traveled. I can say there will be no more than 6 books in the series.

Have you already planned the ending?

To a degree, but as I said above, it has to be open to change.

What was the hardest part of writing Embrace?
The first few chapters are always the hardest and I rewrote them several times for Embrace.

What are your current projects?
I’m focused on the continuation of the series and am currently working on book 4, ENDLESS. I’m also working on a separate stand-alone story that I am really excited about.

Do you have a playlist for Embrace?
I do! You can check out the full playlist and the chapters I think the songs work with at my website:

What question you were never asked in an Interview but you would have liked to be asked?

At this stage, I think interviews are asking me such a great range of questions I can’t think of anything they are missing. :)

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