Monday, January 9, 2012

Best of Indie 2011 - Favorite Author Round 1

As I said last week  Taking it One Book at a Time and Book Reader Addicts have come together to bring you Best of Indie 2011! Now what did I do with those monkeys?
Each day this week we'll be voting for a different category!!

- Monday (1/9): Favorite Author (Round 1)
- Tuesday (1/10): Best Hero & Heroine
- Wednesday (1/11): Most Drool-Worthy Cover
- Thursday (1/12): Biggest "Slime Ball" Villain
- Friday (1/13): Favorite Author (Semi-Final Round 2)
- Monday (1/16): Favorite "Freshman" & Favorite Series

Today it's time to vote for your favorite Indie author of 2011!

We'd put a few of our favorites into a list below to help jog your memory, but there's also a slot to add your favorite if it's not there!

Remember you have until Thursday the 12th to vote in this 1st round!

2 lucky voters from this round will each receive these GREAT Prizes:

1 e-copy of Ethereal by Addison Moore
1 e-copy of Spartan Heart (1 or 2) by Kristine Cheney

**These giveaways ARE international**

Spreading the word isn't mandatory, but is SUPER appreciated!


  1. Absolutely, positively LOVE Rachael Wade's book 1 of the Resistance Trilogy. Have been waiting, not so patiently, for the next installment!

  2. I am trying to send form to suggest my favourite indie authors, none of whom on the list, but it won't let me submit without selecting an author someone listed. As I've only read one of those authors and wasn't especially fussed, I can't vote :o(

    My nominees are: Sarra Cannon, Penelope Fletcher, Camilla Chafer and Claire Farrell.

  3. I just have question why isn't A. Jacob Sweeny on this list?

  4. This list was composed by our 4 and 5 star ratings. You are more than welcomed to nominated her though.

  5. Aurelia B. Rowl I am really sorry about that. I put your nomination in. And Dawn I also put yours in