Thursday, January 12, 2012

Best of Indie 2011 - Biggest "Slime Ball" Villain

Each day this week we'll be voting for a different category!!

- Monday (1/9): Favorite Author (Round 1)
- Tuesday (1/10): Best Hero & Heroine
- Wednesday (1/11): Most Drool-Worthy Cover
- Thursday (1/12): Biggest "Slime Ball" Villain
- Friday (1/13): Favorite Author (Semi-Final Round 2)
- Monday (1/16): Favorite "Freshman" & Favorite Series

Grab your pitch forks and your torches it's time to vote for your Biggest "Slime Ball" Villain! The characters that you love to hate and hate to love!

We'd put a few of our favorites into a list below to help you remember, but there's also a slot to add your favorite if it's not there! 
There are prizes for today but my blonde side forgot to find out from my lovely co-host Jess over at  Taking it One Book at a Time what prizes she wanted to do. will be a surprise. *insert evil laugh here*

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