Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Celebration with Felicia Rogers

Today we have Felicia Rogers, author of There Your Heart Will Be Also, talking to us about Christmas traditions.

Christmas Traditions
When I think of traditions, I think of an event that occurs on a regular basis.  Everyone, every family, designates their own traditions, either on purpose or by accident.  It just happens.  One year you pick what you want to do, you have a good time, so you do it again.  And no time is more filled with traditions than Christmas.
Christmas, which means Cristes Maesse, or the Mass of Christ, is celebrated by lots of individuals around the world.  For those who celebrate the holiday a natural set of traditions develop.
A long time ago, I remember my grandmother telling me a Christmas memory.  It involved what she received for Christmas.  In the southern United States in the 1930s and for more years to come, most children received a bag, or a poke, as it was commonly referred to in the South.  In this poke one would most commonly find an apple, an orange, a few walnuts, and perhaps a stick of candy.  In general this was your “gifts”.  I would hate to hear what a modern child would say if this same tradition was upheld today!
But I digress.  Traditions for this holiday differ based on your location.  I’ve heard an Australian acquaintance discuss throwing meat on the “barbie” for their holiday dinner.  Then I realized that for them their Christmas fell during the summer.
Where I live we generally have cold, snowy or wet weather.  We gather together for a large dinner, in some cases resembling Thanksgiving from only a month before.  We travel miles and miles to ensure that all family members are visited.  We have church meals and exchange gifts with different organizations.  Then of course we have our own Christmas, or gift exchange on Christmas morning.  In recent years before we open our presents, we’ve taken to reading the Birth story of Christ from the Bible.
All this begs me to ask the question, what are your family traditions?  What special things do you take part in during this season?
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  1. My family are the poster children for 'melting pot' Americans so our traditions come from all over. But the biggest ones are putting up the tree, decorations, and lights the day after Thanksgiving. Giving and sending of Christmas cards that when received are decorating a special wall space in the home. Holiday baked gifts for neighbors and the service people in our life. And on Christmas morning the Biblical Christmas story is read and then take turns opening presents.

    Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.

  2. My favorite tradition is simply being together at Christmas.