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Christmas Celebration with Beth Gualda

Today the very talented Beth Gualda, author of the Moonlight Wings novels, is here to tell you why she decided to write about angels.
Hello!  My name is Beth Gualda and I am the author of the Moonlit Wings novels, five Gothic fantasy romances featuring a woman and her guardian angel.  At the time of this guest blogging, the series consist of: Cemetery Moon, Guardians and Graves, Sanctuary, and The Scent of Rain.  The fifth book, Whispers in the Wind, is due out February 2012.
 Shortly before Christmas 2010, I published my first book, Cemetery Moon.   Cemetery Moon is about finding happiness, realizing true love, and having enough faith in that love to believe the impossible. The main character, Mya Cotton, undergoes a different kind of redemption and is saved from a misguided path of self-destruction through the steadfast devotion and unconventional methods of her guardian angel, Pershabael, who is madly in love with her. This takes place amid a backdrop of an old Gothic rectory and its neglected cemetery which also gives the story some darker intrigue and mystery. It also parallels Mya’s personal development as she discovers life, beauty, family, happiness, purpose, and love within its gates among the forlorn graves.
I wrote Cemetery Moon because I tend to write what I want to read and this concept was something I had yet to find in a book, in spite of the fact angels were featured as romantic leads in a few paranormal romances I happened upon.   I always longed for a story about an angel whose love was as unwavering as it was passionate.  I wanted his relationship with his lover to be an everlasting one that would only grow and flourish with the passing of time. 
Romances featuring angels are still few and far between compared to all the vampires and werewolves out there, and it seemed to me the trend was if an angel was the romantic interest in a book, he was usually fallen or disgraced somehow.  If he was a good angel, he was boring with no personality, completely unlikeable, and never sexy.  To me, angels make great romantic interests because not only would they be supernaturally gorgeous, they would embrace every aspect of love, be it spiritual, emotional, or physical.
I am hoping more writers pick up on the idea of using angels in their books, especially good angels, and there does seem to be hope on the horizon.  I’m keeping my fingers crossed hoping angels will be the next “big thing” in fantasy and paranormal romance.  I love to read, but until I can find enough books to satiate my passion, I guess I’ll just have to keep writing.  

Check out her first book Cemetery Moon:

Mya Cotton has always believed in angels, but following the death of her beloved father, she now thinks they're all pretty useless. Her devoted and determined guardian is hoping to change all that--especially after Mya unwittingly succumbs to the seduction of his dark, fallen rival.

Beth has been so kind enough to offer one person a Christmas present. An e-book of Cemetery Moon. All you have to do is comment on this post telling her your thoughts on Angels. To get extra entries "like" Beth's Facebook page and comment telling her Happy Holidays. Also, share the link of this post and then comment with the link where you shared it. This will end on the 15th. Good Luck! 

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