Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Celebration with A.M. Sawyer

Merry Christmas everyone!!!!! So, I am a huge poem fanatic and I have TONS of poetry that I have personally written so I really excited to introduce you to today's guest, A.M. Sawyer! A.M. Sawyer will be sharing some poetry with us today. Enjoy!

Life is a poem, whether tragic or blissful, and we must play our parts in this rhythmic ballot for better or worse.  Merry Christmas, and welcome to my world, where you’ll find poems expressing the joys, and even the realities of this holiday season.  You’ll get to know me a bit, as an Author and a poet, and there are even some goodies for a few of you to enjoy.  So, without further ado, let us begin.

Merry Christmas
Frost on the windows,
A chill in the air,
The snow is falling,
And the trees are bare.
Yet warmth is rising,
Covering the snow,
The warmth of Christmas,
And its heavenly glow.
Across the land,
People laugh and sing,
About all the love,
Christmas can bring.
With joy in their hearts,
And faith to believe,
Families are together,
The greatest gift to receive.
So on Christmas day,
And every day after,
Remember the love,
The joy, and the laughter.
May the ones we love,
Always be held dear,
So let’s raise a toast,
Christmas is here!

These days, many people say that it’s wrong to wish people a Merry Christmas, suggesting that we just say Happy Holidays to prevent offending anyone.  Well, I have many friends that don’t believe in Christmas, and every single one of them has told me that they like it when I wish them a Merry Christmas.  Of course, not everyone would take it kindly, but why should we change our beliefs just for a few that take offense?  You can’t make everyone happy, so why should we be miserable too, by changing our beliefs?  That works both ways though, meaning that if someone wishes you a Happy Chanukah, you can’t say no.  As with me and my friends, they wish me a Happy Chanukah, or Happy Kwanzaa, and I just smile and say “Thank you”.  Below is a poem I’ve written exclusive to this blog, so read on and enjoy.
I Say Merry Christmas
During this wonderful season,
We shouldn’t need a reason,
To spread this incredible joy,
To every girl and boy.
I know that some don’t share,
With the beliefs that I care,
That doesn’t mean I hate,
When I openly celebrate.
Whether Hindu or a Jew,
They can celebrate too,
And share what they believe,
With all the joy they receive.
When I say Happy Holidays,
Faith falls into a haze,
And since we’re all free,
Why can’t we let it be?
Go out and spread the word,
Share the faiths that you’ve heard,
This world won’t become muss,
Because I say Merry Christmas.

You know, with all the hustle and bustle that the modern Christmas season brings, something seems to have been lost.  I’m not talking about giving, because most of us are still blessed with this in our lives, but we’ve lost some of the laughter.  Yes, there are funny songs, but you hardly hear them on the radio.  Yes, it’s still in our hearts, but we’re so rushed these days, it doesn’t get shared nearly enough.  On that note, my third poem to share with you is a bit on the lighter side of things.

Yellow Snow
With all the beauty the winter can give,
And all the warmth this season can show,
An important warning to which you must live,
No matter what avoid eating yellow snow.
A silly warning this must seem to be,
For a different color surely means no harm,
But there are horrors that you cannot see,
And the taste is enough to cause alarm.
The difference is noticeable even in the dark,
When touched a disgusting warmth you will know,
For its clear that someone else has left their mark,
In the case of eating yellow snow!

As an Author from the great state of Michigan, I wrote my first poem at age 12.  Producing a nice sized collection over the years, I finally decided to try and enter the world of writers.  In 2005, I was able to get a poem published in a coffeehouse collection entitled “Twilight Musings”.  Riding that small success, I put together 82 poems and created my first book of poetry.  I was blessed to have that published in October of 2006.  Since then, I have written several novels of my own, and have even done a couple paid projects for others.  My very first Novel, entitled “Lord of the Mullets” is due to be released as an E-book in early 2012.

“The Disaster that is Emotion”  


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  2. What a wonderful prize for the Celebration! Thank you :-) I love poetry because it is a great outlet for any/all emotions!
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour (fellow poet)

  3. ive always thought of poetry as flowers and butterfllies and its never really interested me, but lately i have been loving it.
    thanks for the giveaway