Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Indie Author Bash Day 29

Welcome to Day 
Of the Indie Author Bash!

Day 28 winners are:

A signed paperback of The Last Track by Sam Hilliard is… DINDA LESTARINI!

A signed hardback of Through the Night and tshirt by Lynette E. Theisen is… MELISA CORBETTO!

2 E-books of What Tangled Webs by Dan Dillard are… DAWN HAGAN and GISELE ALVARADO!
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I have emailed all of the winners today! They have 48 hrs to email me back or another winner will be chosen.

Today’s spotlight authors are:

Elle is an energetic, independent woman with a successful business and new start in the big city. The bustling streets of New York are not what she expected, yet she finds the freedom exhilarating. One interaction at the mailboxes with her shy, strikingly handsome neighbor is all it takes to turn the strong- willed young woman into a bumbling mess. 
Jonah Quinn is withdrawn for good reason; he harbors a dark secret. He lives his life in the shadows, playing his music in late night bars and hiding himself from everyone but Elle's cat. His tattoos bear his pain while his music is his outlet, but it is his silence that keeps his shame at bay. 
Can one night of passion between the two of them lead to more than casual glances exchanged at their mailboxes? Will Elle be strong enough to help Jonah with his personal demons. And will Jonah break his silence regarding a past that haunts him? 
The Rules for this relationship are Unwritten. A story of longing, love, and forgiveness.

The last place fifteen-year-old Willow wants to spend her summer is on a run-down former coffee barge in a boatyard in Rockaway, New York. But that's where her aunt is converting the broken down hulk into a floating concert hall and Willow has no choice but to help; her unstable mom has kicked her out for the summer. Willow's miserable when she sees that there isn't even a shower on the barge, and she has to deal with Craig, the leering hunk of a construction worker working with her aunt. The only bright spot is Axel, an older teenage boy living alone on a neighboring sailboat. Introverted and mysterious, he has the soul of a poet, a deep, philosophical mind, and loves Shakespeare. He's also scarred by a painful, disturbing past, and the two bond through their shared pain and laughter. But when devastating events threaten to destroy them, Willow and Axel struggle to save each other--and themselves--before it's too late.

EVOLUTION, a novel, is now available on Kindle. MELT, a novel, is being released this fall by WestSide Books. THE GIRL NEXT DOOR is now available in paperback. Excerpts of all these books are on my website:
Twitter: @SCastrovilla


As a Cambridge College celebrates a midwinter feast, four uninvited strangers uncover a devastating secret. A secret that must never be revealed…for the love of humanity. 
Andy Hughes – a man with a dark past and an even darker future. His search for a missing student will lead him to a confrontation with an evil beyond human imagining… 
Rob Benson – a van driver who discovers a dead wild boar in the back of his Transit. A boar that just won’t stay dead… 
Jennifer Callaby – Andy’s estranged girlfriend, who discovers the shocking truth of The Caretakers – and the sacred task that they perform… 
Jason Franklin – a prisoner who holds the key to the fates of them all, and may well be their only salvation – if he doesn’t destroy them first… 
A disturbing thriller that questions the nature of evil and the price to be paid for the continued survival of the human race – a price that for some is too great to pay... 
THE CARETAKERS – a Master’s Degree in terror.

Up for grabs today:

Unwritten Rules by M.A. Stacie

A signed hardcover of  Saved By the Music by Selene Castrovilla

An E-book of The Caretakers by Adrian Chamberlin

To get an entry fill out the form below. For extra entries:

1 – “Like” and comment on M.A. Stacia's Facebook author page.

2- Comment on the blog telling me why you want to read Saved by the Music.

3- Comment on the blog telling me why you would like to read The Caretakers.

4 Spread the word on facebook, twitter and/or blog about day 29!

Winners will be announced on Day 30.


  1. Both Saved By The Music and The Caretakers sound great and would love to win.

  2. OMG! I've wanted to read Saved by the music since i saw a review that a friend of mine did of it, i feel i'll identify myself with it, idk why =P I'd like to read The Caretakers because i feel intrigued about it...