Friday, June 17, 2011

Indie Author Bash: Day 17

Welcome to day
Of the Indie Author Bash!
Day 16 winners are:

An E-book of Replay by Keira Lea is... DYLAN ABELA!

A signed paperback of  Betrayed by Ednah Walters (and swag) is... MICHELE LUKER!

Signed paperbacks of Eternal Seduction and Eternal Hearts by Jennifer Turner (18 or older) is... KELLY MCQUAY!
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I have already emailed the winners today! They have 48 hours to get back to me or I will pick new winners.

Today’s wonderful spotlight authors are:

She doesn’t want to deal with the past...
Ten years ago, Ashley Fitzgerald witnessed the death of her parents in a tragic fire and blocked the memory. She pretends to have moved on, is a successful artist and photographer, until the morning she opens her door to a stranger she assumes is a model and asks him to strip to his briefs .
He wants to expose the truth....
Wealthy businessman Ron Noble has the body, the jet, the fast cars and the women, but he hides a deadly secret. His father started the fire that killed Ashley’s parents. Now someone is leaving him clues that could exonerate his father and they lead to Ashley’s door. Blindsided by the blazing attraction between them and a merciless killer silencing anyone who was there the night of the fire, Ron dare not tell Ashley the truth. Yet the answer he seeks may very well tear them apart.
While a demented arsonist...SLOW BURN(s)...and plots his ultimate revenge.

As Haden Leleux approaches her eighteenth birthday, light and darkness collide. Fate lunges Haden into her own personal hell when she learns that her "rare condition" is not a condition at all, but instead something much more frightening. As her thirst for blood begins to consume her voraciously, she clings to the one person she can trust-- her brother, Taylor. When her feelings towards Taylor suddenly take on an unrecognizable form she is forced to seek answers. Stories of an Ice Moon Prophecy begin filling the air and flooding her mind with darkness. In a refusal to believe that the only truth she has ever known was a lie, Haden vanishes, leaving her past behind. As the days follow, Haden's eyes are opened to a world unlike her own-- a world full of hidden evil. As the dark truth of Haden's past and the eminent design for her future plague her life, she must choose: embrace the monster within or follow the light of the Ice Moon towards her destiny.

Facebook book page:

High school sophomore Alex Grabovski is cursed with a gift: the ability to see the goodness and evil in her fellow human beings in the form of halos-rings of light or darkness-that surround the body. Her goals in life are to keep moving, find her best friend, and to remain invisible. A new foster family and new school offer her a real chance at a normal life. But in order to stay, she must accept that her gift, The Gift of the Saints, has been bestowed for a purpose and confront the overwhelming darkness she fears.Then he appears.Gabriel is a Seraph, a guardian angel sent in the mortal body of a sixteen-year-old boy to protect Alex at the time in her life when she needs it most. Although he is as old as time, Gabriel's teenage form reacts to Alex in an unexpected, unprecedented way. He falls hopelessly in love with her.When their school erupts in violence, Gabriel and Alex realize why the guardian was sent. But can they rise above human emotions to fulfill their destinies, even if it means the outcome will rip their fragile world apart?

The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian is a 2010 RWA Golden Heart® finalist for best young adult fiction.Thrilling and oh-so-romantic, THE GUARDIAN will keep you up all night, turning the pages! -Kristi Cook, author of HAVEN

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Up for grabs today is:

A signed paperback of Slow Burn by Ednah Walters (and swag) (18 or older)

An E-book of Ice Moon by Kristy Quinn 
An E-book of The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian by Carey Corp

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1. “Like” and comment on Ednah Walters’ fan page on Facebook thanking her for her donation. (18 or older)

2. “Like” and comment on Ice Moon's book page on Facebook thanking her for the donation.

3. “Like” and comment on The Halo Chronicles: The Guardian's book page on Facebook thanking her for the donation.

4. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and/or blog about Day 17.

Winners will be announced during Day 18.


  1. Thanks so much!! I'm so excited to read this book!!

    I signed up for Day 17, but please take my out of the Slow Burn by Ednah...I already have the honor of owning that book, but would love the chance for the others!!


  2. I also own Slow Burn, but would love the chance to win one of the others ;) thanks so much.

  3. I dont own anything by Ednah Walters, and I will love to! Slow Burn looks really amazing! plus the cover is so HOT!! <3.<3