Friday, June 10, 2011

Indie Author Bash: Day 10

Welcome to Day
Of the Indie Author Bash!

Day 9 winners are…

An E-book of Immortyl Kisses by B.K. Walker is… JULIE SMELTZER!

An E-book of The Soulkeepers by by G.P. Ching is…BRITTANY HIESTER!
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I have already emailed the winners today!

Today’s spotlight books are fantastic!

People used to call her Sure-Thing-Sarah, but the only thing Sarah Larson’s sure about these days is her continuing desire and love for undercover cop Luke Anderson. Only Luke comes from money, and he’s the most honorable and sexually adventurous man she knows. Four years ago, she committed the biggest mistake of her life--fearing she wasn’t good enough for Luke, she left him to marry another cop. One, it turns out, who’s dangerously possessive.
Now, a year after her divorce is final, Luke is back and ready to show Sarah exactly what she’d been missing all this time. He’ll start by accepting her offer of mind-blowing sex in the event her marriage ever ends. Since Sarah’s a woman of her word, she gives in to Luke’s demands. For two days, she commits herself to pleasuring him and to being pleasured in return.
Eventually, Sarah’s old fears rise up to haunt her, but she’s seen the happiness she adds to Luke’s life. Their physical bond is spectacular, but there’s humor, affection, and tenderness there, too.
Sarah’s determined to give their relationship a chance, but first she must confide one final fear to Luke: That when her ex-husband, the man who’s been stalking her for weeks, learns of Luke’s return, he’ll make sure Sarah’s second chance at happiness is destroyed forever.

Respected journalist Claire Fullerton fantasizes about being a bad girl, but she also fears that revealing her dark fantasies will open her up to being hurt.
When undercover cop Ty Williamson enters her life, the intense passion she feels for him scares her. Even though Claire is tempted to reveal the vixen inside her, she decides to play it safe and walk away, when walking away is the last thing she wants to do. Months later, Claire is captured by a notorious gang of bikers, the Demon Guardians, the same gang Ty has infiltrated.
Ty and his partner, Luke, have managed to earn the trust of the gang they are trying to shut down. When a senior gang member orders Ty to prove his loyalty by having sex with Claire, all he can think about is getting her to safety - until he sees the desire burning in her eyes.
Reunited with the woman he's been unable to forget, Ty becomes determined to bind Claire to him. He'll prove he wants all of her, the good with the bad. In fact, the badder she is, the better they'll be - together.

Warning: graphic and explicit sex scenes incl. m/m/f

Kacey Rogers is a very troubled teenager. Forced to live with her abusive and alcoholic uncle, she finds herself following closely in his footsteps. When her best friend Jenny throws her a birthday party, Kacey meets Bryan Mathews, a known ladies man. After succumbing to his advances, Kacey ends up pregnant at 15. As she struggles to find her place in life, and as a new mother, Kacey desperately longs to be loved. After Bryan decides he doesn't want to be with Kacey, she meets Steffan, and thinks her prayers have been finally answered. Steffan seems to give Kacey everything she has been dreaming of - love, romance, and a family life. When jealousy strikes and both men are brought head to head, and Kacey becomes caught between two hearts. One man is destined to love her, the other is determined to never let her go

Books by Sara York:

Runaway Princess

Princess Slave


Up for grabs today is:

An E-book of Cop Appeal and Copping To It by Ava Meyers (18 or older)

An E-book of Death Upon Me by B.K. Walker

An ebook by Sara York (18 or older)

To get an entry fill out the form below. For extra entries:

1. "Like" and comment on Immortality And Beyond’s Facebook page and tell her why you want to read Death Upon Me

2. Comment on the blog letting me know if you are 18 or older.

3. Comment on the blog letting me know what Sara York book you would want to read if you are 18 or older.

3. Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and/or blog about Day 10.

Winners will be announced during Day 11.


  1. If I win I would like to win Runaway Princess by Sara York and yes I am 18

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  3. I`m over 18. I think the princess slave sounds good ;)

  4. I am over 18 and I would love to read the runaway princess!!!

  5. Hey, just a general question/comment - can you add an email subscription to your blog? I'd love to be able to keep up via email and not miss any of these awesome posts.

  6. Julie I am really new to Blogging and I don't know how to do that. I know silly right? lol