Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cynthia's Birthday Suprise

May 29th is my birthday and I know I should be the one receiving gifts but instead I decided to share. No, I can't tell you what the gift is. It's a gift silly. There will only be 1 person that I am sharing with and yes they can be International.

It's time to bring out your creativity and imagination! There are 3 choices to choose from on what to do:

1) Make me a birthday picture.
              It can be a drawing, photo-shop, whatever.

2) Write me a birthday song.

3) Write me a birthday poem.

After choosing one of those 3 get creative. Have fun with it! The only rule is it has to be a birthday theme. :) I know some of you are probably saying but Cynthia I can't draw, photo-shop, or write. It doesn't matter. You never know I may like it.

BUT, I will not be choosing the winner. Why would I do that to myself on my birthday? You will be choosing the winner. He He He. Send your picture, song, poem to me through a message on Facebook (my profile or email me it at subject "birthday". (If you email it please tell me you facebook name.) by May 20th 11:59 pm (PST). I will then put everything in an album and through out the week you can tell me which one you like. On May 29th I will let you know who I am sharing my birthday with on the blog. :)


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  1. Where are you putting the entries to vote or Facebook? Just curious :-) Happy early Birthday my friend.