Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Chance for an Entry into The Featured Author of The Month

Did you know that Jaz Primo has a website? Well, he does! You should go check it out: http://www.jazprimo.com/about.htm. You can find information about him, his books, the characters, get wallpapers, and some of his favorite links.

To get an entry in to The Featured Author of the Month giveaway for a chance to win Sunrise at Sunset and A Bloody London Sunset go to his website, click on About Jaz, then comment below with one fact. Do not comment a duplicate answer so check all of the other answers first.

Happy Reading!


  1. Jaz began creative writing in elementary school.

  2. In addition to reading loves creative writing.

  3. Jaz has an Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degree.

  4. Jaz likes hot buttered popcorn, coca-cola and movies. Plus he's cute.
    Do you think if I asked he'd go see the next Twilight movie with me? LOL

  5. Among his favorite authors are: Stephenie Meyer, Charlaine Harris.